105.1 The Block Listeners Share Their Thoughts On 9/11

It's been 19 years since the tragic attacks on America. It really doesn't feel like it's been that long because I remember the feeling of seeing those planes crash into the World Trade Center Towers.

On that day, I was in middle school. We had just changed classes and I walked into the portable where my class was being held. It was history class and I hated the teacher but had all of my friends in this class. I walked in, joking with my homies and we saw the teacher pulled out the tv. I got excited because we all know what it means when your teacher pulls out the tv, it's going to be an easy day!

She turned on the tv and it was the news. We saw the building on fire and watched the second plane hit the other tower. The whole class was in disbelief.

The rest of the school day was weird, to say the least. Parents were coming to the school and taking their kids home early. By lunchtime, literally over half of the kids in the school had gone home early. I remember the days and weeks after the attack, America was on edge. We didn't know if another attack was about to happen or not.

I went on Instagram Live to talk with our listeners about their memories surrounding September 11th. It was eye-opening to hear other perspectives on that day. Check out the full live video here.

Thanks to all of our listeners for checking in today on Instagram Live. Shoutout to all of the servicemen and women who lay their lives on the line daily for our protection. We appreciate you!

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