2021's Worst City In Alabama To Keep Your New Year's Resolution

 We're less than 30 days into the new year and already Alabamians are talking about failing on their New Year Resolutions. Is it because of the city in which they live?

New Years Resolutions are a major thing once any new year hits. This year it's a lot different because of how rough 2020 turned out to be for most people. With this new year, many have been relying heavily on their New Year Resolutions to change things around in 2021.

Losing weight is always a popular choice when it comes to resolutions. Does the city you live in help or hurt the chances of that actually happening?  What about spending more time with family? Would staying in Birmingham make it easier or harder to do that versus living in Huntsville?

According to Wallet Hub, more than 7 in 10 people admit they have failed to uphold their New Year’s resolutions in the past.

Wallet Hub recently ranked more than 180 United States' cities based on their conduciveness to self-improvement to determine which cities were best to keep your New Year's Resolutions. The metrics used ranged from exercise opportunities to income growth and employment outlook.

With the data from Wallet Hub, we found that the worst city in Alabama keep your New Year's Resolutions is Montgomery. Out of all the 182 cities ranked in this study, Montgomery was close to the bottom coming in at number 167. Next was Mobile at 163, Birmingham at 147, and Huntsville at 97.

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