It's officially the new year! It's not only a new year but a new decade and there are a few things we all can do to be better this year. They're simple concepts, but easily stop us from reaching our goals and we need to quit these ASAP!

1. Trying To Please Everyone

Have you ever been dragged out of the house by friends when you knew you never wanted to go out? What about someone making a comment about your outfit or something you did and you don't voice how it made you feel? It's time we stop making ourselves uncomfortable for the sake of others.


2. Fearing Change

Change is inevitable, we have to stop being afraid of new things. This applies to new relationships, changes in the workplace, and changes in habits as well. Let's get outside of our comfort zones and grow by embracing changes this year. Think about it. What if we never accepted the change of high speed internet? LOL!


3. Living In The Past

The past is something that we can't change. A lot of times we ruin our futures, worrying about the past in the present. I heard someone in the back yell "PREACH!" lol. Seriously, use the past as a learning experience not as a baseball bat to beat yourself down.


4. Putting Yourself Down

This is in my top two worst habits that I'm letting go this year. NO good comes from putting ourselves down. We can change this habit by speaking about the positive things instead of the negative that so easily come to mind.


5. Over Thinking

Here's my number one worst habit! I'll overthink how I'm going to take out the trash! SERIOUSLY! Even the smallest tasks I overthink, then it bleeds over to life choices, and daily choices as well. Questioning ourselves like "Did I handle that situation the right way?" or killing our mind with "What If" situations are a never-ending downward spiral of stressful thoughts. Let's avoid unnecessary stress o ourselves.


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