I saw a post on Facebook this week and it made me think. The status was "Men, what girly songs do you secretly love?" It really made me think because I know plenty that I love but didn't know if I was alone or not.

Typically, you don't see men singing popular songs by women. If I had to guess why it's because we're "too cool" to be seen singing those songs. At home, we're probably blasting those same songs and singing it at the top of our lungs. After reading that Facebook status, I wondered, what songs could I list? I really think I could go on for days with this list because I like a wide range of music. Not just because I'm a DJ, but I love music in general. I'd be interested to see if other men could relate to this list as well. Here are 6 Songs For Women That Men Secretly Love.


6Songs for Women that Men Secretly Love

I'm sure there are so man more songs I could put on this list. Ladies, you probably read this list and thought to yourself "Do guys really sing these songs?" Let me tell you that the answer is YES! If you're close enough to him, he'll sing it with you. Just don't start recording him. That's a violation of the rule book of comfortability. Lol! I will say that if I'm singing these songs at karaoke, feel free to record me all you want, I just might get a record deal!

I'm interested to know what songs you think should be on this list. Let me know what songs should be added. Hit me up on Facebook @BigDawgDreDay. 

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