6ix9ine thinks Nicki Minaj acted a little out-of-pocket when she threatened to delay her album if she didn't get the right push for her new video for "We Go Up."

On Tuesday (April 19), Nicki Minaj hit up Twitter with a rallying cry for her 24.9 million followers, but 6ix9ine made it known that he sees her call to action as a bit of a "threat" to her most loyal fans, the Barbz. 6ix9ine feels like it probably wasn't such a great idea for Nicki to do such a thing. He not only mentioned Nicki by name, but also appears to make reference to his ongoing back-and-forth with Minaj's "We Go Up" collaborator, Fivio Foreign, and Fivio's claims that he should be considered the new King of New York.

"I love Nicki.. but threatening the barbz and fans is crazy," Tekashi commented under a blog post about the topic. "You can't make someone king that don't got it.. anyway if it's that important to you got it. That threat was crazy."

6ix9ine comments on Nicki Minja threatening to delay her album
6ix9ine via Instagram

6ix9ine's response was prompted by Nicki Minaj seemingly reaching out to her fans to help organically promote her new video for "We Got Up," which dropped on Tuesday (April 19) and features a guest appearance from Fivio Foreign.

Without going into specific details in regards to exactly what actions she wants taken and from who, Nicki implied that if "y'all" don't show and prove for the new visual, she'd be inclined to push back the release of her upcoming album.

"If y’all don’t do what needs to be done with the #WeGoUpVideo I will significantly and I DO mean significantly…delay the…the…the…oh what’s the word… oh! the album," the Queens-bred rapper tweeted. "That’s right. *sighs* the album *devil wears Prada Meryl Streep voice*."

6ix9ine's latest commentary on Nicki Minaj comes just days after the "Gine" rapper called out Fivio Foreign in response to the way Fivi defines what it means to be the "King of New York." Tekashi also recently clowned the Brooklyn drill spitter over Fivio Foreign's first-week sales of his debut album, B.I.B.L.E.

Check out Nicki Minaj's new video for "We Go Up" featuring Fivio Foreign below.

Listen to the new Nicki Minaj and Fivio Foreign collab below.

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