One of the perks of living in Title Town in West Alabama (other than football bragging rights) is the incredible non-chain restaurants we have. I’m talking about amazing food. My family and friends mainly visit to check out the dining.

I have often wondered what if “such and such” restaurant was franchised. Would it “hit” as it does in Alabama? I mean, the way northerners freak out over Waffle House when they get to the south. I believe our local restaurants would do quite well.

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Let’s face it, food from the south gives you a sense of home and comfort. I think that love should be spread nationwide. I know it’s a dream. It takes lots of work and resources to the franchise. Here are the restaurants that I believe would do well across the United States.

West Alabama Restaurants That Should Be Franchised Nationwide

(Source) Click here for more about the Avenue Pub. Click here for more about the Waysider Café. Click here for more about the Blue Plate. Click here for more about Archibald & Woodrow's. Click here for more about Nicks in the Stick’s. Click here for more about Pastor’s Kitchen in Northport. Click here for more from Reggae Flava.

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