There has to be a special place of torment and misery for people who commit crimes against children.  If so, these two have to be put in the worst position of that place if these allegations are true.

According to the Associated Press, 19-year-old Steven Anthony Jackson of Hartford, AL allegedly performed sexual acts on a 1-year-old girl while the baby’s grandmother, 41-year-old Lisa Williamson, live streamed it on a pornographic site!

A tip to the FBI resulted in the Alabama Bureau of Investigation raiding the homes of both adults. Williamson was arrested and charged with production of child pornography and sex abuse of a child in addition to other charges while Jackson was charged with production of child pornography and first-degree sodomy.  They were booked into the Geneva County Jail. Source.

This case is currently under investigation.

Hopefully, it is found to be untrue, as it is hard to even imagine the possibility of a sexual act being committed against a 1-year-old but then to add the child’s grandmother into the mix… It’s just too much!  Granted, there are numerous people who are unfit parents, but it’s a rare case that the parent or grandparent assists in victimizing her offspring.

In West Alabama, we are fortunate to have an organization which works to help prevent the abuse of children.  Child Abuse Prevention Services offers numerous programs such as the Second Step Program, designed to reduce aggressive and impulsive behaviors of children from pre-K to 8th grade; the Child Protection Unit, which teaches skills to recognize, report, and refuse unsafe situations and touches, especially those that are sexual in nature; and more.

If you are a parent who recognizes you need help in handling certain impulses or emotions, or you’re a child who needs help, resources are available.  Visit

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