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There is an insect out there that health experts in the United States want you to kill on site. The Spotted Lantern Fly. The Spotted what? The Lantern who? This insect looks like a beautiful moth. Don’t be fooled. This creature destroys trees, landscapes, and plants. It can cause millions of dollars in damages. Rutgers experts say the Spotted Lantern Fly came from China.  It arrived in the US in crates. These creatures do not fly but hop onto surfaces. They are known as hitchhikers. Rutgers says they were first spotted in Pennsylvania.
Jordan Mendoza USA Today
Jordan Mendoza USA Today

Rutgers says this species is a very good hitchhiker. Most people don't even know that they've got them until the adult form comes out.

Newsbreak reports the positive news about the insect  is that they can't harm humans or pets. However, they are known to feed on over 70 different types of trees and plants. They cause millions of dollars worth of damage.

Rutgers says the Spotted Lantern Fly secretes a sticky material known as honeydew, which is very high in sugar. It is a substitute for mold, and when it gets on plants, it prevents them from surviving.

Newsbreak reports “it’s sort of like Pandora's box of problems. There are numerous ways to kill them, including the use of pesticides or simply crushing them. Extreme heat or cold also does the trick.”

The experts say the first thing you should do if you spot the Lantern Fly, is kill it. We have been warned.

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