It's no secret that natural disasters can strike in Alabama at any moment.

Use caution after a disaster.
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Floods, tornadoes, or whatever else mother nature decides to throw at us could cause catastrophic damage to property and tremendously effect our lives.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey is doing her part to make sure Alabamians are prepared for those situations when disaster strikes the Yellowhammer state.

Make sure everyone is safe.
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“Alabama is no stranger to the unpredictable and sometimes harmful effects of Mother Nature,” said Governor Ivey in a press release.

“While we cannot stop a hurricane, tornado or flash flood, we can take steps to lessen their impact on our lives and better protect ourselves and our loved ones."

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With September being “National Preparedness Month”, Governor Kay Ivey gave a list of items every family should have in their basic emergency go-kit.

Must-Have Items In Your Emergency Go-Kit

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