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We live in crazy times!

I don't understand how we have strayed so far as a country.

You're not even safe going to a dollar store these days.

Thank God Destini Reed is safe and is able to tell you her story.

Recently a Family Dollar manager was taken to the hospital after a shoplifter stabbed her multiple times.

This suspect had no remorse as the video below clearly shows. She actually believes she's the victim.

A woman was trying to steal two bottles of dishwashing detergent when the manager started watching her.

“When she walked to the back of the store my manager like she wasn’t following her, but she was looking through the aisles trying to see if she was bout to try to steal again,” a witness said.

The manager's injuries are critical.

Takea Shackleford was identified as the suspect in the stabbing.

Shackleford is charged with attempted murder and first-degree robbery.

As the video below shows Shackleford admitted she stabbed the woman (on live tv) while being escorted by police after being charged for her crimes.

“I was fixing to but I went out of the store and I called the police first before I went back in there and stole a bag of tide pods,” Shackleford said.

Shackleford said “Because I’ve been shoplifting for days out of Walmart and I don’t know what came under me and that lady came at me and I was scared for my life. That’s why I stabbed her,”


She claims it was in self-defense. 

“She bum rushed her and that’s when the lady swung the knife at her, twice, or three times,” the witness said. “She swung the knife at her three times and my manager was trying to fight back but by that time she had already stabbed her in the neck.”

Officer Katrina Frazier warns workers about confronting criminals.

“If you are working at a store, anywhere where you’re dealing with the general public, and they are attempting to leave that store with items, do not attempt to stop them because you do not know if they are armed with any type of weapon,” Corporal Frazier said. “And your life is more important than those merchandise.”

Destini Reed had an experience that should worry every parent. She posted her story on Facebook to make everyone aware of what happened and what you should do to keep you and your families safe.

"Something disturbing happened this morning. I have no doubt that I avoided being a victim. At the dollar store here in Brookwood, I was getting cold coffees and noticed a man looking at me.
I walked around to intentionally get out of sight. I went to get in line, and there he was again. I got out of line and came back to check out as he was leaving. Walking back to my car I noticed him sitting in a newer model white Camaro with the motor running, watching me."
Bo White
This is a similar model Camaro.
Destini continued her story.
"I looked him dead in his eyes, adjusted my purse and posture, stuck my keys between my knuckles, and went to my car.
I waited a minute. He didn't leave. I went to pull out, he pulled forward behind me! I PULLED AROUND in the parking lot and drove back to the front of the store in camera range, phone in hand. He paused, pulled to the exit, waited for a couple of minutes, eventually pulling out and driving off!
Once out of sight, I left and turned the opposite direction of my house, driving an entirely different route."
I cant imagine how she felt. This is something none of us should ever have to worry about.
Destini had a warning for parents.
"TELL YOUR CHILDREN ABOUT THIS!!!!! PAY ATTENTION to what is happening around you at all times! A couple of weeks ago, someone fired guns from the entrance of the neighborhood across the road, and a bullet hit my neighbor's house. He was standing outside when it happened. The police found 9mm shells and another size at the entrance of that neighborhood and under the siding of the house it hit. It wasn't that long ago that a man was car jacked on that same road. HUD programs work with leasing companies around here, and unfortunately, with income based government programs comes criminals who know how to work the system. They will use it to advance their objectives (trafficking, gang initiatives, etc.). I have faith that our city leaders are aware and awake, and I pray for them as they determine the best tactics for addressing this before we become the next Ensley/Fairfield.
Ray Allen
Ray Allen
We gotta get ahead of it. This type of crime is not an obvious war, but a slow infiltrating process of criminals testing the waters of citizens and local law enforcement. This is not intended to make anyone fearful, but aware. Be prepared however you are most trained/comfortable. Have a plan. Go over scenarios with your family. Yes, we can grill out. Yes, we can enjoy football. BUT DO NOT walk alone or leave your kids outside alone and PAY ATTENTION everywhere you go!"

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