It's 2023 and by now we all know that cybercrime is big business.

It seems like every week another company is coming out and admitting to being a victim of a data breach where people's information has been stolen.

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Some of the country's biggest companies have fallen victim to cybercrime. According to a cybersecurity company named Humanize, these are some of the top cybercrime victim companies in the last 5 years.


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According to Humanize, Facebook had a data breach that exposed the personal information of over 533 million people to cybercriminals.



Humanize said that Twitchan Amazon-owned streaming service, had crucial data hacked by an unknown threat actor. Twitch's source code, streamers' earnings data, and other information were leaked, although it does not appear that users' login passwords or credit card information were hacked.


Microsoft In Talks To Buy TikTok App From Chinese Company ByteDance
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Humanize says that In March 2021, Hafnium, a Chinese cyber espionage group, launched an attack on Microsoft. Over 30,000 organizations across the United States, including local governments, federal agencies, and businesses, were affected by the attack.

Alabama is no stranger to cybercrime.

In 2023, Northstar, a private ambulance service in Tuscaloosa, experienced a data breach.

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That breach may have given bad actors access to the records of more than 80,000 current and former patients, NorthStar Emergency Paramedic Services announced this week.

According to Sprinto, Alabama ranks in the top five states most at risk for cybercrime.

Sprinto says that the most frequent types of cybercrime in Alabama are non-payment/non-delivery, personal data breach, credit card fraud, identity theft, and social media. 

In fact, Alabama is the second most at-risk state for cybercrime according to Sprinto with an average loss of $57,477 per complaint. 


Make sure you're protecting your date in the state of Alabama. Seems like it's too easy to become a victim.

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