Every season Auburn fans look forward to crowding Toomer’s Corner after a victory. There, the fans all decked out in their blue and orange proceed to roll the trees, a tradition that has gone on for many years. But this season the fans will not have the chance to wrap their beloved Auburn Oaks in toilet paper.

According to CBS 42, Auburn University officials are asking the fans to not roll the Auburn Oaks and descendants along Samford Park.

Auburn University’s Arborist, Alex Hedgepath, said that holding back another year will help the trees likelihood of full establishment.

“The trees have made excellent progress in the growing season if 2021,” Hedgepath said. “Since then, the trees have pushed new growth with no additional signs of stress. We will be initiating soil enhancement projects to encourage even more root growth in the coming months.”

It seems like the tradition may be coming to an end this season. But fans are still able to keep rolling trees in toilet paper. Auburn fans are encouraged to roll the two southern magnolia trees and the white oak in front of Biggin Hall instead of the Auburn Oaks.

A relief for Tiger fans.

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The director of Landscape Services, Justin Sutton, has a reasoning behind asking the Auburn fandom to keep the toilet paper off the Oaks. He says it is to preserve the tradition for future generations of students.

“We appreciate the Auburn Family’s dedication to this same goal,” Sutton said. “and helping us through these growing pains by not rolling the live oak trees, which in time will allow us to bring this cherished tradition back to the corner.”

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