So by now you know this is my first time experiencing the Alabama Vs. LSU game! All week I've been asking listeners and people around Tuscaloosa what I should expect this weekend. Here's the what I'll be expecting this weekend in T-Town.


Lots of traffic 


The number 1 thing I was told to prepare for was a lot of traffic. If i were to quote my co-worker, I was told to "expect 100,000 people inside the stadium and another 100,000 outside the stadium at all times!"


Traffic is going to be even worse due to President Trump attending the game. The Tuscaloosa National Airport also issued a temporary flight restriction for Saturday between 1:15pm-8:00pm.


Celebrity sightings

Well, it seems like that's true because we already have the President Of The United States confirmed to attend the game. I wonder who else could show up to the game..... I was told Lil Wayne is a strong possibility to attend the big game tomorrow.


Rapper Webbie will also be in town this weekend and is said to be preforming in Tuscaloosa as well!



This is my favorite part of the weekend! The only issue is, it seems like there are 6 parties per night throughout the weekend! I'll need some help decided which parties to attend.

If you know of a LIT party this weekend, let me know on Instagram @BigDawgDreDay!


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