In the midst of her Australian tour, Lizzo decided to take a break and help pack food hampers to be sent to bush-fire affected families in Australia.

The volunteers at food donation charity Foodbank were told they'd have a special guest that day, but no one expected the Grammy nominee Lizzo to walk through the door! According to Insider, "even the CEO looked so excited. Just shocked that it was really her and that she would make the time to come to Foodbank." 


When thinking of how great of a deed this was, I couldn't help but think of stories of families in West Alabama who don't have enough food and how they could use our help. Severe weather threats, families not making enough money and  other factors cause children and adults to go hungry and food banks are their primary source of nourishment. According to the West Alabama Food Bank, parents or guardians of nearly 60,000 children in West Alabama say their children may skip meals, do not eat for a whole day or go hungry because there is not enough money to buy food for the household. The statistics on hungry families shocked me so much because it's not happening in a war-zone, or poverty stricken country, it's right here in West Alabama!

We often forget how it could easily be us needing help from a family member, friend, or food bank. Let's not wait until we're the ones in need to think of those that need immediate help. The West Alabama Food Bank has 5 easy ways you can help make a difference:

  1. Volunteer your time and talents at West Alabama Food Bank.

  2. Organize a food drive in your community or participate in one.

  3. Donate foodmoney, time or equipment. Every dollar donated translates to more than $7 of food.

  4. Be a monthly sponsor for the Senior Citizens Brown Box Program.

  5. Spread the word: and help share our news on social media platforms.

There are far more than just 5 ways to help. If you need more statistics and get more tips on how to get involved with the West Alabama Food Bank, hit their website at WestAlabamaFoodBank.Org. 

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