When you think of aliens in your back yard, you might picture a home somewhere near Area 51 in Nevada, or another barren desert area in the Southwest. Living in an area with high amounts of extraterrestrial activity might send some people packing, while others would start searching internet real estate sites for the best deals.

Overall, America is THE place to be when it comes to UFO sightings. In the month of September, our country saw 313 separate UFO sightings according to the Mutual UFO Network. The next closest country was Canada with a total of only 28 sightings.

Every month the Mutual UFO Network releases a list of states and the UFO sightings that have been reported. Here are the top five states from September 2020:

  1. California - 34 sightings
  2. New York - 28 sightings
  3. Michigan & Texas - 20 sightings each
  4. Pennsylvania - 17 sightings
  5. Florida - 14 sightings

Honorable mention states include Illinois and Washington that had 10 sightings each in September. Massachusetts, New Jersey, Kansas, Maine, Oregon, and Arizona all had their fair share of UFOs too with eight sightings in each state.

ISoldMyHouse.com put out a list of ten places to house hunt if you want alien visitors. The top three were Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, Columbus Ohio, and Philadelphia Pennsylvania. This was based on data from the National UFO Reporting Center and the median housing prices in those communities.

If we compare the Mutual UFO Network September list to the ISoldMyHouse list, the states with the most overlap are Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, and Texas. Apparently, UFOs don't have just one type of place they like to fly over.

Now that we know where the best chance of spotting a UFO is, I guess the only thing left to decide is which of those four different climates you would prefer to live in. Or which you think the aliens would most prefer to visit.

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