The novel coronavirus has caused extreme changes in our daily activities.  Across Alabama, schools were closed, businesses considered non-essential were closed, and thousands upon thousands of people did not go to work as a result of both city and state guidelines.

However, in recent weeks, many cities have begun the processes of gradually reopening their economies as a means of getting people back to work and not overextending unemployment.

As of May 1, the City of Birmingham requires everyone to wear a face covering while conducting business, taking transit, getting healthcare, entering a facility that is allowed to stay open, working an essential job that interacts with the public, or at any other time interacting with persons who are not part of your household. Source.

So, it is said that when one woman attempted to shop without a mask at a Walmart store in Roebuck, she was asked to leave by a store employee and became belligerent with employees and customers alike, and an off duty police officer who was working security used force in removing the woman from the store.

Many have expressed mixed feelings surrounding this situation.  Some feel that the mandate to wear masks and other protective equipment is excessive but they still comply with the regulations.  Others say they shouldn't be forced to do anything. Many see the officer as simply doing his job while others believe the officer was rougher than necessary.

The woman now faces charges in the incident. Source.

Whatever the case, we all should use personal protective equipment at least until infection rates decrease.

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