Where do you go for your household necessities like paper goods (including tissue, paper towels, plates, cups, etc.), cleaning supplies, candles, small storage containers, and more?

Well, with a Dollar General store being on every corner, it's quite convenient to pop into one of those. If Dollar Tree is your store, great.

But here's a new alternative!

Dollar Stop is open in West Tuscaloosa, across from Advance Auto Parts.  It boasts a variety of goods from household products, health and beauty supplies, snacks, and automotive supplies.  April, the store's owner, said it was important to her to open a business that serves the community where she lives.

This is certainly not a knock against big box stores or chain stores which often serve rural populations, but it is special when residents take it upon themselves to establish stores in their communities.  They've done the research to know what is needed, and they've gone through the processes necessary to fill a void. And in the age of COVID-19, some of the items we can't find at big box stores are on the shelves at Dollar Stop.


Check the store's Facebook page for more.

Additionally, it is understood that the strength of a community is heavily dependent upon its economy.  People take ownership of the things they helped to build, and when they're built by their neighbors, they have the same sense of pride. The owners have the respect of the community and increase their credibility among their neighbors and friends.

So, before you go to restock your necessities, be sure to pay a visit to Dollar Stop. Not only will you see a well-stocked and clean store with phenomenal customer service, but you'll also circulate your money where it's needed most.

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