Boosie BadAzz is defending that fact that he smokes weed around his kids.

On Sunday (July 24), Boosie BadAzz hopped on his new Instagram page and vented to fans after someone apparently questioned his parenting skills when it comes to smoking weed in the presence of his children.

"Yeah, I smoke around my kids," Boosie snapped. "You spray hairspray around yours. And smoke cigarettes and Black & Milds."

He continued: "I was full of pills. Let me tell you what else. I was on weed, pills, angel dust all that. Tootie came from the hospital, I had a blunt like this. He was right there. Yes, I do. I hate when people try to tell you what's going on. They turned out real nice. They're not in jail. Your son in jail. Don't tell me about my fucking children, I'm telling you."

Boosie BadAzz often finds himself in the headlines for his hot takes on various topics. Last week, he commented on the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, which federally bans abortions, saying it would lead to prostitution.

"Do you want a 13 year old to keep a baby? You know, who's never fed herself?" Boosie BadAzz said during a recent interview on VladTV.

He continued: "Now you're leading her into prostitution and selling pussy. Now it's a whole, it's a whole [other thing]. You can look at this in so many different ways, but I'm gonna make you look at the way that I want you to look at."

Boosie concluded, "A woman’s body is her body. We [men] can't push [nothing] out. Shit, we'll be aborting every muthafuckin' thing."

Boosie recently had his Instagram page deleted for the third time, and blamed his page being taken down on video of him berating police officers during a recent traffic stop.

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