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What is the fascination with cranberries at Thanksgiving time? Personally, I could have cranberry anything all year long. Oh, wait, I do!

I could have the cranberry muffin from the Heritage House in Downtown Tuscaloosa every day. Seriously!

Cranberry Muffin
Mary K, Townsquare Media

Last week, I took to all the different social media platforms to ask the hard question. I wanted to know what people preferred Canned vs. Whole Cranberry sauce. It turned into a great debate.

Gary mentioned, “Whole Cranberry. Freshly cooked and cooled.” Who is cooking cranberry sauce? Not me. Ain’t nobody got time for that! [Insert laughs here]

My friend, LeAndra, said, “Jellied Cranberry Sauce straight out the can and don’t give me name brand like Ocean Spray  OFF BRAND ME.” [My type of gal]

A Facebook buddy of mine, Steve, was out here changing lives, “I make my own, with Sangria and brown sugar, ginger, squeeze of lemon and oranges and zests! You won't have time for dinner once you eat my cranberry sauce!” [Sir, can I get an invite to the next Thanksgiving dinner?]

My colleague and friend Sherri mentioned, “If I see anything other than those can lines, everyone has to fight me.” [I know that's right]

Then there were a few people talking about “what about cranberry relish?” What is that? Anyways, this is “MY” cranberry debate poll. [Insert only child syndrome]

According to my unscientific poll, the votes are in; Alabamians prefer jellied cranberry sauce by a considerable margin.

I love it too. When I see those circular cranberry delights, my heart soars.

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