There's always that one friend or couple who just does the most during the holidays right? It always feels like they're trying to one-up everybody with gifts, or pictures and in this case mansions! Cardi B & Offset purchased a $6 Million mansion in Atlanta and to rub it in, they gave a tour of the huge mansion on Instagram. I can't hate, it's a nice place!




Their new mansion is so big it's ridiculous! Could you imagine living in a place that huge? They even showed off the inside of the house in a series of videos on Cardi's Instagram page. The videos totaled up to 14 minutes! Here's the upstairs portion of their new crib.



All I can say is WOW! Shoutout to Offset and Cardi B for getting the home of their dreams for the holiday! It's hard to hate on such a hard working couple.


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