Business owners, one of the greatest gifts you can give your company (especially if its success depends on a brick and mortar location) is video surveillance!

Knowing what's going on at your business cannot only help with loss prevention, but it can also assist in solving cases of criminal activity.

Such is the case for a recent incident at Lanier Automotive, where a college student is said to have been carjacked.  Thanks to the clear picture on the company's surveillance system, the suspect was quickly identified and captured.

While most eyes are on COVID-19, this goes to show that criminals are still on the prowl. In addition to purchasing food and toiletry items, it's still important to remain alert of what's going on around you... And to have eyes watching for you when you can't see everything for yourself.

Salute to Lanier Automotive for keeping both inventory and customer under watch and for having what it takes to assist law enforcement if necessary.

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