Wednesday Nov. 6th, Chris Brown decided to have a yard sell in  at his California home and it was open to the public! He posted on his social media accounts that the yard sale would feature “significantly marked-down, high end designer items," and even posted his home address!


The sale was scheduled from 10a-7p, and it probably took some all day to even get into the yard sale due to the massive line! It seemed like the whole state of California came out to purchase items from the home of the international singer's home.


I really think this is so cool that Chris Brown would do this. Not only did he release his home address to the public, but he gave so many people a chance to buy expensive designer clothes at a discounted price. It's even rumored that breezy had clothes from his Black Pyramid clothing line for as little as $10.

To give you an idea on that huge discount, this hoodie is $88 on the BlackPyramid Website!



I love the idea of giving fans the opportunity to not only enter your private property, but buy clothes from you at a price we can afford. Imagine the kids that will have designer Christmas clothes all because of this small gesture of kindness. I love it and would love if a celebrity did that here in Tuscaloosa!! Imagine that!




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