So on a whim this past weekend, I decided to get tickets to the Alabama-Houston men's basketball game. To say the least about the game, my money was definitely well spent wasn't it? The Tide won an absolute classic 83-82 over a very good Houston team.

But more than that, I must say that the crowd was TERRIFIC. The energy brought that night was exactly what I was talking about a while back when we discussed what Coleman needed the most. Tide fans showed up and showed out in the best way possible.

But more to the point, this needs to be standard protocol for almost every home game. I can't imagine any normal person would've been able to think straight or even focus on anything else when it was deafeningly loud during any free throws for the opposing team.

Also shoutout to student section. They certainly showed up and packed it out for the team, which was awesome to witness.

So here's what we need to do for any upcoming game:

- Go ahead and buy tickets beforehand
- Make sure you're ready to make a ton of noise
- Memorize the lyrics to Rammer Jammer and know them by heart

That last thing you should already know, but hey, rather be safe than sorry right?

Seriously though, the Rammer Jammer at the end of that Houston game could only be described as cathartic. When that last second stop happened, the release was unbelievable. I've played Rammer Jammer as a tuba player in the MDB, and yelled it so many times.

That was a Rammer Jammer Saturday night in Coleman I won't forget. And yes, I'm looking forward to more moments like that this season. See everybody again in Coleman soon, and bring the energy!

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