Coming 2 America features Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall reprising the multiple characters they played in 1988’s romantic comedy affair. But according to Murphy, the upcoming Amazon Studios film almost included a wild cameo from another set of characters from The Nutty Professor. Yes, we’re talking about the Klumps. The boisterous Klump family was at the heart of that movie’s 2000 sequel, with Murphy portraying all five members.

In a recent interview on the YouTube channel Jake’sTakes alongside Arsenio Hall, Murphy explained that the Klumps were written into a scene in the film. However, their presence was taken out of the script before filming began. “There was a scene in Coming 2 America we just did. There was a scene where the Klumps, remember the circumcision scene?” said Murphy. “Originally, the Klumps kind of popped up in that scene. In the long run, it was too hard a left, and it would have been too expensive to do. So yeah, they were in this thing.”

Now, it’s unclear whether or not the Klumps were cut out of the circumcision scene, or if the scene was scrapped entirely. Either way, the decision makes sense. Even though Murphy makes up the entirety of the Klump family, there’s still the costs of hair, makeup, and costumes for each distinct persona. Once you factor in the time-consuming process of transforming into five different characters, it becomes too much for what it’s worth.

Besides, Coming 2 America already has a long roster of celebrity cameos. From Morgan Freeman to Trevor Noah to Gladys Knight, there’s plenty of faces to watch out for. The Klumps are a fantastic showcase of Murphy’s comedic range, but they’re not necessary here. Coming 2 America was released on Amazon Prime on March 5, one day earlier than previously announced.

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