Details are still minimal on the blaze inside the Mercedes Benz U.S. International battery plant in Bibb County Tuesday morning.

A video below, is exclusive footage from the scene today.

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We were allowed temporary access into the plant and obtained exclusive footage of crews battling the fire.



Photo: Dre Day/Townsquare Media

Of course, we were only allowed so close, for our safety as well as the firefighters. However, after a few moments we were given access to these areas close to the building on fire.


Photo:Dre Day/Townsquare Media

Here’s that exclusive video of crews battling the blaze as we drove through the gates of the plant.



@thebigdawgdreday Was allowed temporary access to the plant 😳 #BibbCounty #Alabama ♬ original sound - DreDay Channel

We’re working to continue to get more information on this story.

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