This week my son officially turned two months old and time is literally flying by! Every week ,mom and I are researching new ways to play with him to help development, and new things that happen on certain weeks. For example, Very Well Family suggests that at week 6, babies will began to self-soothe, smile for the first time and coo more often. Sure enough, at 6 weeks he had his first smile and my heart melted!

I never knew I could experience a feeling like that but little did I know, Nuppy had another surprise in store for me. I was doing our usual play time, when all of a sudden his coo became a giggle! I lit up so much and couldn't believe it! I called mom into the room so she could hear it and he did it again! We couldn't believe our ears! It was such a cute, beautiful, heart-warming sound that I kept trying to re-create for the next hour. LOL!

Although he hasn't laughed again since, we're still amazed and proud of Nuppy for laughing so soon, just days before he turned 2 months. According to What To Expect, baby's first laugh is around 3 months so we weren't expecting it so soon. this just confirms that every baby is different and there is no manual, handbook, or exact timeline to when milestones happen with babies. For me, this reiterates what I learned the moment I looked into Nuppy's eyes. I learned that I have NEVER felt this kind of love before in my life.


(Source) To read the full story on What to Expect click here. To read the full story on Very Well Family click here.


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