Desiigner was recently captured on camera in a tense standoff with police in Los Angeles that could have turned out badly for the Brooklyn, N.Y. rapper.

The incident occurred on Wednesday (June 1), after the rapper was pulled over because his car didn't have license plates and the tint on his windows was too dark, according to TMZ. Once stopped, the "Panda" rhymer reportedly got out of his car and approached the police officer who pulled him over.

Video obtained of the incident by the celebrity news site shows Desiigner standing outside in front of a gas station with his phone out appearing to record the situation. He is yelling at what looks to be around a half-dozen police officers, some of whom have their hands on their weapons as Desiigner goes off.

"I don't have nothing in my pockets. Back the fuck up. Back the fuck up, yo. You fucking racist bitches," he can be heard screaming at the officers.

From there, he attempts to flaunt his status to the officers as he continues to record.

"I got money all fucking day," he yells. "I got real people coming to the spot that will really shut the whole shit down. You gon' know who you fucking with."

The video ends with the rapper still being defiant. According to TMZ, the situation was eventually quelled and Desiigner signed a traffic ticket and went along his way. It might be time for Desiigner to go back to taking Ubers.

XXL has reached out to Desiigner's camp and the Los Angeles Police Department for comment.

See video of Desiigner in a tense standoff with police below.

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