Have you ever wondered what it takes to go through days of grueling practice then face off against the most elite college athletes in football? It has to not only take a toll on your body but take some top-notch nutrition. Right?

It's no secret that it takes a lot of money to run a successful college sports program. When I think about college football teams, I envision five-star chefs, and any food imaginable at the athlete's disposal. Luckily, this Youtube video gave me an inside look at how the athletes really eat.

I randomly got the idea to go to Youtube and search for three words that practically belong together in the Yellowhammer state. "Alabama, sports, and food" were the three words I searched and I came across a video from what seems to be an Auburn University videographer. This video titled, " Diet of a College Football Player," gave me an inside look at what went into the football team's diet.


At first, looking at the food in the dining hall, you'd think the college athletes eat regular college food. After the introduction of the school's Director of Sports Nutrition, you see more of what the team consumes. first off, props to the team eating the motts fruit snacks. As a father, I give those to my son and I tend to take a few packs myself. I love those things!

What was really exciting to see was the options the players had as far as shakes. I never knew there were different kinds of shakes for gaining weight or maintaining weight. they really have it down to a science for these players.

The glutton in me wanted to be at the pregame dinner with the players. 100 steaks, 70lbs of shrimp, 240 pounds of grilled chicken wings, 40 pounds of pasta, and loads of vegetables. Who wouldn't love being there?

I'm glad I ran across this video on Youtube. I would've gone all my life thinking college athletes ate 5-star meals 24/7.

Was this video eye-opening to you? Were you a college athlete? Let me know how their diet compares to your days in college.


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