It's the seven year anniversary of the snow and ice storm that took the state of Alabama by surprise. Where were you when the Snowpocalypse happened?

The forecast for January 28, 2014 called for snow. We know the mention of the 's' word is enough to send most Alabamians into full blown MILK AND BREAD AND EGGS panic mode, but we had NO IDEA how crazy the day was going to be.

Instead of a dusting of snow, we saw a once-in-a-lifetime flash freezing event. Temperatures were much colder than originally forecasted, and as the snow melted it instantly turned to ice. All our roads, bridges--all of it was COVERED in ice.

As everyone scrambled to leave work, commuters were trapped on the highways. There were spots in Birmingham that looked like B-roll footage from Mad Max of The Walking Dead. It was WILD.

ON THIS DATE IN 2014: Light snow was forecast for North/Central Alabama as a winter storm approached... heavier snow...

Posted by James Spann on Thursday, January 28, 2021

I was fortunate (?) that my daughter (who was just two at the time) was sick. I was also sick so we were at home when the SNOWPOCALYPSE went down. I remember being glued to the TV and in absolute awe of the pandemonium that this snow day caused.

People had to leave their cars on the side of the road. Kids were forced to spend the night inside of elementary schools. Strangers were forced to seek shelter inside grocery stores because the roads were made impassable within the span of a few hours.

Things were quiet at my house. Dolly had a cold, but I couldn't miss the chance to let her see the snow.

Look how little she was! (Meg Summers/TSM)
Look how little she was!
(Meg Summers/TSM)

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