Thinking back on my first week as a parent and I'm so thankful for all of the listeners that sent me their tips on how to soothe a newborn.

As I broadcasting from my son's baby crib, I wanted to get some help on soothing my newborn son and asked our Facebook audience for some tips.

The tips were amazing! I tried a few of them and they really helped me and mom get through the week! Swaddling worked for about an hour lol! Out son is just too strong, he literally rips out of it no matter how hard we swaddle him. The tip that really helped was using white noise to help him sleep. Water sounds, nature sounds and things like that were the recommendation. Nuppy's favorite sound to calm him down is water right now and when we add the swing to that, HE'S SOOTHED! It's like magic! lol

I'm sure that along the way I'll be introduced to more tips to help soothe a baby, but for now, I'm considered something like an expert! lol

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