This week I'm broadcasting from my newborn son Nuppy's crib and I've been thinking about all of the lessons I've learned so far as a new father.

As a man, I think it's safe to say we're all nervous about holding babies because they're just so delicate and small! We really think we're going to break them. Another thing that freaks us out is changing diapers!!!! I decided to tell you about my first time changing my Nuppy's diaper.


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It was Nuppy's first night after being born and we were still at the hospital. The first few times he cried he just wanted to be held or was hungry. The first diaper change was done by his mother per her request. The next diaper, I was up! I had to be about 70% scared and 20% "You got this" and 10% fronting like I knew what to do! LOL!!!


After watching mom change the first diaper I had some knowledge on what to do since I'm a visual learner. I removed the dirty diaper and Nuppy immediately started crying and I knew the clock was on. I felt like I was being judged and scored by ho long the baby would cry because that means I was taking too long if he cried for minutes at a time. After what felt like 5 minutes and I still had not wiped the poop, or moved the dirty diaper out of the way, I looked over at mom in the hospital bed and uttered the phrase EVERY father has said before... "What I Do Next?!" LMAO!!!! After getting tips from mom I finally completed my first diaper change with my son Nuppy.


It's not like I haven't changed a babies diaper before, but never have i changed MY baby's diaper. It hold so much more weight when it's your baby. Thanks to mom for helping me out and not getting frustrated with me! lol. I look forward to mastering the art of the diaper change this week as a new father.


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