It’s been delayed a whole bunch of times — and it took forever for the film to get into production in the first place — but the next movie in the DC Comics Universe is still Black Adam, the solo showcase for the Shazam adversary and anti-hero played by Dwayne Johnson.

There have been a few very early teasers for the movie, along with a bunch of official concept art, and some behind the scenes photos, but we still haven’t gotten a full, detailed look at Johnson in his superhero costume yet. So the unveiling by McFarlane Toys of their official Black Adam Dwayne Johnson action figure is really the best image we’ve gotten so far of what Johnson is going to look like in the film.

The images debuted today by McFarlane on their Instagram account features the Rock in a black body suit with a glowing yellow lighting bolt emblem, an asymmetrical belt, black boots, and lighting radiating off of each of his character’s hands.

The Rock’s had a lot of action figures between WWE and Jumanji and G.I. Joe, but there might not be a Rock figure that captures his likeness better than this one. It looks just like him.

As for how the Black Adam movie costume compares to the comic-book version, it’s gone through a few iterations through the years, but it generally has a cape along with way more gold on the gauntlets, the boots, and on the belt. Johnson’s Black Adam is basically monochromatic besides the chest emblem.

Black Adam
DC Comics

Here was the first look teaser for the film from last fall’s DC FanDome.

Black Adam is scheduled to open in theaters on October 21, 2022.

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