After handling LSU for the second time in a 78-60 victory and advancing to 10-0 in conference play, the Tide may add another notch to it’s belt with locking in a No.1 seed for the big dance.

In recent memory Alabama basketball has been everything Alabama football wasn’t. Lackluster, mediocre, middle of the road, and sometimes average to a fault. But greatness seems to be on the horizon, because under Nate Oats there’s been a lot of “first”.

The first time beating Auburn in their house since 2015

The first time being ranked in the top 10 since 2002

The first time starting 4-0 in conference play since 1987

The first time Alabama swept the season series against Kentucky since 1984

But this No.1 seed may be the biggest first of them all.

With things seeming to pick back up after the upset at Oklahoma, the Tide showed the ability to not only bounce back but win with a different style. Despite only shooting 25% from deep, the Tide outrebounded LSU 51-35 and contained them to their lowest scoring output of the season.

Being that the tournament is one game elimination, this could be crucial in the event of shots not falling come March.

With Oats’ implementing a modern system, recruiting at a high level, and being under contract until 2024 it’s very plausible to think we’re witnessing a birth of a dynasty.

But we shall see.

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