Fabolous recently experienced something totally unexpected after a woman fell asleep on his shoulder while he was in VIP at a Las Vegas club.

On Saturday (April 23), the Brooklyn rapper posted a video on his Instagram page of a female clubgoer taking a nap on his shoulder. In the clip, F-A-B-O, who is rocking an impressive amount of iced-out necklaces and rings, is looking at his smartphone camera and he begins to pan it to his right, where a woman’s head is clearly on top of his shoulder.

The Young OG Project creator then pointed the camera at himself with his eyes widened to reveal the shocked look on his face.

“Yo, this is crazy,” Fab said in the clip. “This is the first time this has ever happened in my whole life. Somebody leaned over and just fell asleep on my shoulder.”

“This is crazy,” he concluded.

Crazy indeed. Fabolous offered more context to the video in the caption.

“I know what happens in Vegas suppose to stay in Vegas but this was a very rare experience for me so i gotta share my story,” he wrote. “BOOM.. so we sitting in the After Hours & there was very little room on the couch i was sitting on...but this girl came & rushed to sit down in this very tight space on the couch like she was running back hitting a hole!! I thought her feet was hurting & she couldnt stand up no more, So even tho i didn’t know this girl & it was tight, i scooted over a little bit."

"A few minutes later," he continued. "I feel something heavy on my shoulder. I thought she was playing or showing how tired she was (even tho she don’t know me) but when i looked over she was sleep I mean knocked out cold I mean a dead body I mean a coma I mean she was Lean’ing On Me like I was Joe Clark & her head was heavy as fuck."

Fabolous took the woman’s impoliteness in stride and joked about being her human pillow.

"But yeah, don’t know who this girl is but Im cool being a shoulder yall can lean on when yall need me These shoulders can be your pillow," he typed. "NO DROOLING THO @ somebody who’s fell asleep in the club wit you if you gangsta." He also added the hashtag #SheWasNotOnTheUpSide.

Fellow rappers Jim Jones and Jadakiss found Fabolous’ video hilarious and jumped in the comment section to share their laughter with the Brooklyn MC. Check it out below.

jadakiss and Jim jones comment on Fabolous’ Instagram post.
@myfabolouslife via Instagram

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