The new Tuscaloosa location of Foosackly's Chicken Fingers is set to begin serving customers at 11 a.m. today (Monday, July 20th). 

Foosackly's, located in the former Schloztky's Deli building on 15th Street, will only be offering drive-thru service at this time. The restaurant says it will have crew members and menus available in the drive-thru lane to assist customers in ordering.

The Mobile-based restaurant chain has garnered fame for its chicken fingers, fries, and Texas Toast. This is the chain's first venture into Tuscaloosa.

I've never eaten at Foosackly's Chicken Fingers before, but I have to admit that I am hyped to try basically everything on their menu. I'll eat almost anything that's been deep-fried, so you can tell that this is my kind of place.

I spent an unhealthy amount of time creeping on the Foosackly's Tuscaloosa Facebook page and let me tell you: it looks good, people. I'm a sucker for golden brown chicken fingers, and the crinkle cut fries look like they slap--especially since you can order yours with bacon and queso on the top. They've also got fresh lemonade, chicken sandwiches, and a sauce lineup that's stacked. I am very much here for this and can't wait to check out the Tuscaloosa Foosackly's.

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