Nothing good ever comes from jumping on the stage while a rapper is performing without being summoned. Ever. But people never learn. One fan at a recent G Herbo show who rushed the stage got a helping hand back into the crowd from the rapper's security. When we say helping hand, we mean he was tossed like a rag doll.

The Chicago rapper performed at Tennessee State University for the school's homecoming festivities on Friday (Oct. 18). During the show, a concertgoer gets the bright idea to push his way onto the side of the stage. The shirtless intruder only gets a few seconds of attention before one of Herbo's security guards rushes him. Before the man can escape the security guard's grasp, he gets the full Uncle Phil/Jazzy Jeff treatment and is pushed firmly off the performing area. He lands near a barrier near the front row where he appears to be grabbed up by another security guard and pulled away.

We've seen plenty of examples of fans getting roughed up for trying to rush the stage. Back in August, an attendee at a DaBaby show got paws put on him by security after hopping on the stage during the 2019 XXL Freshman's set. Gucci Mane's muscle pushed an overzealous fan into the crowd during a show last year and Playboi Carti's team tossed a fan off stage during a show in Maryland.

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