A teen has been arrested for a false gun threat in Florida, and he says the arrest is just the result of miscommunication sparked by his use of 9lokkNine's lyrics in the classroom.

According to a Pasco County Sheriff's Office police report, XXL obtained on Wednesday (Nov. 6), the 13-year-old student at James Irvin Education Center was taken into custody on Mon., Nov. 4 for falsely threatening his teacher with a weapon. Speaking to authorities with his mother present, he told authorities that he was merely referencing a 9lokkNine song.

"This is not over, I got my Glock 9," the 13-year-old reportedly said in class.

In the arrest report, the initial incident began when the teen disrupted the classroom by claiming to have a wedgie before pulling down his pants. He was then reportedly asked to leave the class. He responded to the teacher by saying "no" and he allegedly continued talking to his peers. When he was told to leave again, he referenced the lyric from the Bloodshells Revenge rapper, who was arrested for gun and drugs charges over the summer.

Later, the student told police that he was referencing 9lokkNine's 2018 track "Bounce Out Wit Dat Glokk9." As the song's title suggests, the lyrics are riddled with gun references.

"Bounce out with my dogs and when we thuggin' we got Glock-9's/On that double-K, word on 'em sweep your block out!", the track begins. "They sayin' I'm the one, street chose then you dropped out/I was on the block, straight muggin' with the dropouts!"

The teen also reportedly told cops he "did not mean to harm anyone" and that he was merely joking. He has been charged with a false report of using a firearm in a violent manner.

9lokkNine, who just released his new project Mind of Destruction through Cash Money Records on Oct. 25, has yet to comment on this.

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