Gucci Mane has seen the error of his ways, and is now denouncing the trend of dissing dead people on songs that has become popular in certain sects of hip-hop.

On Thursday (July 28), Guwop released his latest single "Dissin the Dead," which finds the rapper calling out the practice of referencing fallen opps on songs. Gucci Mane taps ATL Jacob, Akachi, DJ Plugg, TM88, TooDope and Sonickaboom for the dark track. He lays out his intent from the jump.

"I know my tongue is a sword, I know I should be more careful with shit that I said/I feel like I started a trend that's never gon' stop, they gon' keep dissing the dead," Gucci raps on the chorus. "None of this shit no pretend, this shit so for real, a nigga get shot in the head/Young nigga wicked on pills and going on drills, we need to stop dissing the dead."

On the first verse, Gucci Mane raps about his own transgressions. "Why should I cap 'bout my name on a song?/I'm the one put your boy name on a stone/I dissed the dead and I knew it was wrong/But I'm shooting like DaBaby if they break in my home," he spits.

Gucci uses the second verse as more of a teaching moment.

"I don't preach to no one, I just lead by example/When I was a jit, I thought life was a gamble," he raps. "You catch a charge now your life is in shambles/Daddy in jail but your son need them pampers/You telling the cops 'cause you giving 'em clues/Your face on the news just to get you some views/Watch the shit now that you say in the booth."

In the Omar The Director-directed video, Gucci is seen walking around in a graveyard in Atlanta sporting a R.I.P. Trouble hoodie.

Gucci famously dissed Jeezy on the now infamous 2012 song "The Truth," where Guwop brings up Jeezy's dead affiliate Pookie Loc, whom Gucci killed during a home invasion in 2005. Murder charges filed against Gucci were eventually dropped. Gucci revisited the song during his Verzuz battle with Jeezy in 2020, which created a tense moment. Now that dissing dead people has become a thing in rap, it appears Gucci wants to see change.

Watch Gucci Mane's "Dissin the Dead" Video Below

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