"Tagovailoa trying to make up for it, fires to the endzone... TOUCHDOWN! ALABAMA WINS!"  -Chris Fowler

"Alabama has once again ascended to the top of the College Football mountain!"                    - Eli Gold

Check your calendars, folks. Its the down and distance that then true freshmen Tua Tagovailoa and DeVonta Smith made famous forever. The play that tops all plays. A night of pure emotions that no Alabama fan will ever forget. The perfect ending to a storybook no author could ever write.

The play that had always classy head coach Nick Saban tearing off the headset and running onto the field with arms held high. The play that had replaced starter Jalen Hurts at a full sprint to get to the dog-pile in the endzone.

All of the Crimson Tide faithful know exactly where they were when it all went down. Personally, I was in my living room in Fairhope, AL, and I picked my mother up off the ground in a moment of pure joy.

Tagovailoa had shown promise in a backup role all season, and everyone knew he was good. Saban made the gutsy decision to bring him in at halftime to replace Hurts who had gone 25-2 as a starter.

That proved to be an all-time great halftime decision, as Tagovailoa brought Alabama storming back to overcome the 13-point deficit and send the game to overtime. Tagovailoa had incredible knowledge of the offense as a freshman, knowing to look off the safety and let it rip to Smitty on the game-winning play.

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Getty Images

As for DeVonta Smith, he had already caught a game-winner against Mississippi State earlier in the season. The fact that the coaches would go to him as a true freshman in the national championship for the winning play says a lot about him as a competitor. Of course, we all know how historic his Crimson Tide career ended up being.

So, soak it in today. Watch the play over and over. High-five your friends. Its one of the greatest plays in College Football history, and it belongs to the Alabama Crimson Tide.

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