It has been a great week for Alabama Basketball. The University of Alabama defeated The University of Kentucky 70-59 on Tuesday. The last time the Crimson Tide beat the Wildcats was 32 years ago in 1989. Not only is the basketball team seeing much success this season, but numerous players have been excelling.

Specifically Herbert Jones who has been added to the watchlist for the Naismith Men’s Defensive Player of the Year. The Naismith’s Defensive Player of the year award is given every year to the best defensive player in men’s and women’s basketball. This award was created in 2018, in honor of James Naismith. 

Jones is a senior at the University of Alabama and is from Greensboro, AL and went to Hale County High School. Not only has he led the team this season in steals, floor dives, blocks, and rebounding, but he has also earned the Hard Hat Award. Jones got the Hard Hat Reward for leading the team in single-game points in 9 out of the 17 games this season. To receive this reward you must have the most “blue collar” plays or points in the game. 

NCAA Basketball Tournament - First Round - Pittsburgh
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In the 2017-18 season Jones broke the school record with 23 charges taken. Jones is completely selfless on the floor, charges, blocks shots, and obviously plays good defense. In 2019 Jones was the fourth player in school history to be a part of the Academic All-District team. Jones is deserving of these awards because of his work ethic. To add to his amazing athletic ability, Jones has also been on the SEC Academic honor roll in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

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