Here's Where Your Teen Can Find a Job In West Alabama

Teens tend to get their first job around fifteen or sixteen years old. We've got some great places for your teens to get a job around town.

Quick storytime. Back when I was growing up, I heard about some of my friends and even family members getting their first jobs at fourteen years old. I was so jealous! I bugged my parents about getting a job just because I wanted what all teenagers wanted. MY OWN MONEY! Lol.

Needless to say, I never got that job at fourteen. It wasn't until I turned fifteen that I'd have a shot at my first job. My father heard that my cousin was hired at a waterpark in the city. In Orlando, the weather was always good so the waterparks stayed open year-round.

I got dressed up in my collared shirt, tie, and slacks to go apply for a job. It turned out they were doing on-the-spot interviews. The bad news is that I didn't get the job I originally wanted. They were done taking applicants for that position. The other job opening they had was a bit harder to secure. It was a lifeguard position. After killing the interview and making it through the multiple swim, CPR, and first aid tests, I got the job! I felt so accomplished and definitely enjoyed having my own source of income.

If you have a teen in West Alabama who is ready to step into the next level of independence and get a job, here are some great recommendations I found on a Facebook group. These suggestions are all from residents here in West Alabama.

Who's Hiring In West Alabama

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