Hooking You Up With Tickets To The Birmingham Funk Fest 

In the world of COVID-19, we've all been waiting for the chance to go to a concert. That time is here and we're hooking listeners up!

People ask what is my favorite part about my job, one of them is hooking people up with tickets! I remember growing up and the feeling I'd get winning tickets from the radio station was like winning the lottery. Have you ever tried to call and win something from the radio?!

After a few weeks of hooking up callers with tickets to the funkfest, I decided to do something special. Why not have the listeners pull up on me to get their tickets?

I rode around Tuscaloosa and up out clues about where I was on our Instagram page. I even did a few live videos showing where I was. All you had to do was pull up on me and say "DreDay, I need those tickets!" I had a lot of fun, and seeing the face of the people that got hooked up with tickets was priceless. Some people couldn't believe it was that easy to get tickets!

The best part was seeing car after car pull up for tickets. I'd be standing there and then BOOM! 3 cars would pull up asking for the tickets.

The Birmingham Funkfest is coming to Legion Field Saturday, November 7th. There's going to be live performances by Jeezy, Master P & the No Limit Reunion, Tweet, Youngbloodz, and more!

I can't wait to see these amazing performers hit the stage, and I'm glad we got to hook some listeners up with tickets.

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