How Do Alabamians Typically Celebrate Good Friday?

Good Friday is known as the Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Calvary. How do Alabamians celebrate Good Friday?

When I was growing up in Florida, I don't remember much about celebrating Good Friday. I do remember around Easter time, we'd always have different colored eggs. 

My mom would make a big deal out of it and we loved it! Every year we looked forward to coloring eggs and hiding them around the backyard. We'd have our own Easter egg hunt with the family. Our house was also the house that the family came to and ate big meals. My mom is a great cook, and my father loves to grill so it was a no-brainer.

I was thinking of what to eat for dinner for Good Friday and was craving fresh fish. According to All Plants, the tradition of eating fish on Good Friday actually dates back to the Roman Catholics. It was customary to not eat a warm-blooded animal on Fridays, to acknowledge the day Jesus was crucified. In the 1960s, the Pope amended this to acknowledge that it wasn’t compulsory to eat fish, just to not eat a warm-blooded animal, but the tradition still stands today.

Wait, I didn't even know this was a tradition! I think this is a sign for me to celebrate Good Friday by eating fish because my craving has been strong.

This also made me wonder. How do Alabamians typically celebrate Good Friday? Do you go to church? Are you eating fish? Is this just another day for you? Let me know in the chat feature of our free app!

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