How Many People In Tuscaloosa Got An Invite To The Clubhouse App?

Social media moves so fast and it seems there's always something new going on. Right before we end 2020, a new app has come into the game and it's amazing! 

About a week and a half ago I started hearing bout this new app called Clubhouse. When I was told about the app I wasn't too excited. I figured it was just another trend that everyone decided to follow and would pass in about a week. After you download the app, you can't participate fully use the app unless someone invites you. Completely exclusive! I downloaded the app and received an invite but never used it.

One random night, I decided to open the app and see what the hype was about. Since that night, I've been on Clubhouse day and night bouncing from room to room and having a great time!

Let me break down how the app works. It's audio-based, so you can't type to communicate with people at all. You have the option to enter a room or create a room and you can then interact with others in discussions on whatever you feel. The rooms are themed to whatever the room creator deemed necessary.

For example, I could create a Tuscaloosa Creatives room. I would be the room moderator and I can give others the option to become moderators as well and control if they're allowed to speak in the room or just sit in the room and listen to others speak.

It's a really cool concept and it's giving everyday people access t some big names in every industry. Last night I was in a room with Usher, Jermaine Dupri, and Stephen Hill from BET. Before that, I was in a room with 21 Savage, Metro Boomin, Shiggy, and some other major names. They drop gems about the industry, tell personal stories, or just talk about their day and it's pretty amazing.

Jumping from room to room, and finding a room that teaches me something is one of my favorite things to do. I've learned some insider tips about building credit, marketing my business and even stocks! I really love this app.

Right now, the app is still in Beta mode and isn't even available to the public or Android users.(2 Points for Iphone users)

I want to start a Tuscaloosa Clubhouse room soon. Do you have an invite to Clubhouse?

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