Prepping for Thursday’s Tidal Talk show, I was scrolling through Twitter when I came across a tweet from a fellow follower.

Josh Clackler, or better known as Clack, made an interesting point that created a small segment on the show. He quoted a tweet, asking why students couldn’t pack out our right field for baseball games. Although he is not a student, Clack is at every single game – no matter what.

I personally agree with him because he is making a valid point. Why is it so hard for students to attend home games, especially when tickets are free? This brings me to Alabama being labeled as an everything school.

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Every time a sports team comes out as the winner, Alabama is labeled as an everything school, which we are, but we also are not. I say that we are not because we truly do not support that sport until they are winning.

For example, Alabama men’s basketball team. If it were not for coach Nate Oats, Herb Jones, John Petty and Alex Reese, which are now household names, no one would truly care about basketball. If it were not for Montana Fouts and Lexi Kilfoyl with coach Patrick Murphy, no one would care either. The same for Connor Prielipp and coach Brad Bohannon!

Alabama is a power-hungry institution who is known for winning, it is basically in our blood. So, hopping on the bandwagons is normal, but the point is for that loyalty to being a fan of the sport should remain there during the winning streaks, but also the losing streaks.

The support of the students reflects onto the players because they are able to see the support which pushes them to work harder as teams to bring more pride to the school.

Alabama Baseball's Career Batting Average Leaders

Alabama Baseball's Career Batting Average Leaders

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