I have to admit, I've never heard of this restaurant but I have a very valid excuse. I'm from Florida, we don't have any of these back home. The word is, Tuscaloosa is getting an Urban Smoke Bar & Grill. It's said to be on Skyland where the old Pizza Hut used to be.

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It's no secret that residents in Tuscaloosa have been asking for new restaurants. It looks like they could be getting what they've been wanting. T-Town has also had a taste of Urban Smoke's food before. Their food truck has been in town many times throughout last year.
Urban Smoke Bar & Grill has one location in Fairfield known for the vibes on the patio. Fans of that patio are hoping they'll build a patio on what could be their new location here in Tuscaloosa. I wouldn't mind seeing some live bands while eating delicious food at a nice place. Isn't that like a step below heaven?
I have so many questions. For those who have experienced their food, what is their best meal? What's that one thing that they can make better than anyone else on Earth? That is the first meal I want to have if they're coming to Tuscaloosa. The crazy is that I'm very excited about this possible new restaurant. You'd think I've had their food countless times as many Alabamians have.
We'll await the official word on if the Urban Smoke Bar & Grill will be coming to Tuscaloosa. Hopefully, it really happens and I'll see you there!


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