Before we even got a chance to see what the 12-team model would look like for the College Football Playoff, officials have decided more teams need to be included in the postseason.

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The 12-team model of the CFP is set to begin in 2024. If you thought 12 teams were too many for the playoffs, you'll be even more upset by the recent reporting from Pete Thamel of ESPN. He, along with Heather Dinich, are reporting that each league and Notre Dame are expected to sign the legal agreements by Friday, with the new 14-team playoff model expected to be introduced in 2026.

For reference, the teams that would have been included in the 16-team playoff from the final CFP rankings in 2023 were:

1. Michigan
2. Washington
3. Texas
4. Alabama
5. Florida State
6. Georgia
7. Ohio State
8. Oregon
9. Missouri
10. Penn State
11. Ole Miss
12. Oklahoma
13. LSU
14. Arizona
15. Louisville
16. Liberty (highest-ranked group of five champion)

The new revenue model is part of the driving factor for the conferences. the SEC and the Big 10 are expected to make over $21 million per school. According to Thamel, the previous model had each conference make $5.5 million.

Schools in the ACC will get $13 million per school, while the Big 12 will get more than $12 million. Notre Dame is also expected to get over $12 million.

The group of five schools will only get just under $1.8 million, a small uptick from the $1.5 million in the previous model.

With this news, and the news of the attempted expansion of the NCAA Tournament, college sports will bring in more revenue than ever, but potentially at the expense of the athletes that bring in the money.

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