Dallas Turner misses competing with Will Anderson, even though he usually lost. Turner told the media that and more during a recent press conference at the Mal Moore Building. Here's a look at what Turner had to say about learning from current Houston Texans star Anderson and more heading into this week's game at Texas A&M.

On the loss at College Station two years ago

"It was a very large stadium, and with the '12th man being present it was loud. It's a very tough environment to play in, but we will have to focus and have the right mindset going into the game."

On advice he got from Will Anderson regarding feeling pressure

"I always try and go into a game with no pressure. When you first begin a season, there's going to be some type of anxiety. You've just got to go out there and run around and hav fun and make plays and laugh.

"Me and my teammates, we laugh when we're on the field and crack jokes when we're on the sidelines."

On competing with Anderson the two yeas they had together

"I would try, but Will being Will he's going to get it every time. There would always be some competition on wo would get back there first, and try to get the sack first in the game. At the end of the day we alwyas liked to see each other shine."

On Jalen Milroe's growth from his frist start vs. A&M last year until now

"Jalen, he's growing very fast, growing every week in my opinion. I came in with him, so to see him grow from when I first met him until now is just something that's very good to see. He invested a lot of time and put in a lot of work to get to where he's at right now, so it just puts a smile on my face to see him where he's at.

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On the confidence level of the defense

"As a defense, we're starting to come together a lot more. We're starting to bond and play for each other instead of playing for ourselves. A lot of good things are starting to happen and a lot of good things are starting to come together on the defense."

On what he's seen from teammate Jeremiah Alexander

"I've been around Jeremiah since he's been here and he's a very smart football player. He invests his time in being here at the facility and he invests his time in the playbook.

"He's having to change to playing inside linebacker with Deontae [Lawso, ankle] being down. I feel like it will be a good fit for him. He's got versatility."

On if he could move to inside linebacker if needed

"I'm an athlete. I feel I'm smart enought to show my versatility. It's just football."

On Braswell's pick six and the outider linebackers finding the end zone

"Outside 'backers is the best room i the building. We say that all the time.
Seeing him return that interception . I was laughing. I couldn't believe my eyes that he got a pick six and scored. It was a very fun moment as a teammate."

On if he feels an extra sense of urgency with Texas A&M coming up

"We just want to treat it like every other week. It's not our first away game. We know what type of environment we're going into. We have people that were here two yeas ago.It's a very tough envirnoment but we're going to treat it like every other week."

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