It's almost time to cool off with a swim.

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In fact, coming up soon, a story right here on the best dang swimming spots in Alabama.

This warning is important for a few reasons. First and foremost, Alabama conservation folks want everyone to be aware of this information.

In addition, if you plan to travel out of state this Summer, this is important information.

Recently, we reported on a warning for Alabamians involving bathing suits.

Even when something dangerous, like flesh-eating bacteria, is found in another state it can easily end up in Alabama's waterways.

In this case, a man was running after his dog after it got loose and ended up going into a pond.

This poor guy (trying to rescue his dog) ended up with a case of necrotizing fasciitis.

That bacteria is deadly.

It can kill you or your family members. In Alabama, we have plenty of ponds and smaller bodies of water.

One of my best friends lives in the Brookwood, Alabama area and has a pond close to his home.

Last time I was there, he warned me about the water moccasin, a truly evil snake that is one of the worlds few semiaquatic vipers.

They are little....well....jerks that will wait for you to get in the water and then attack you.

I won't get off on a snake tangent. And I definitely could. For now, we will stick with swimming holes.

You might prefer a swimming pool but I love country life, just looking for a creek, pond or any hole filled up with water.

Be careful Alabama.

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