It’s no secret the Apple iPhone offers a lot of great features. Both my parents have iPhones--my father loves to Facetime my mother and she loves the Siri feature that opens her GPS while driving. However, there is a new feature in the latest update which may cause concern for Alabama parents.

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The new "Name Drop" feature allows two iPhones to exchange contact information when they get close to one another. It can be set to share your name, phone number, email, social media and pronouns with another iPhone user.

The  feature is set to on by default in the new iOS 17 from Apple. Authorities throughout Alabama and the nation are advising parents to turn this feature off.

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Why are authorities so worried about this?

The concern is over personal information being sent to someone it was not intended to be sent to. So, just as a safety measure, authorities are advising parents to turn this feature off of their child’s iPhone.

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How does Name Drop work?

It’s a very simple process when the feature is turned on; you just hold your phone close to another person’s iPhone and Name Drop will appear on both screens.

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Can someone get my information just by being close to me?

No, the user’s consent has to be given throughout the process so someone can’t just walk by you and get your contact information.

Can I cancel Name Drop if it comes up on my screen?

Yes, all you have to do is move your iPhone away from the other one or lock your phone. That will cancel the Name Drop process.


Can I turn the Name Drop feature off?

Yes! You can go to your settings, click general and then press Airdrop. You will see a toggle that is turned on and, above it, it says bringing devices together. Just slide the toggle to the off position, and the feature is turned off.

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